Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

In einer E-Mail an die Mitarbeiter hat sich Apples CEO Tim Cook über die präsentierten Neuvorstellungen geäußert. In der E-Mail lobt er die intensivere Zusammenarbeit zwischen Hardware- und Software-Team, die nun in iOS 7, iPhone 5S und iPhone 5C die ersten Früchte hervorbringt. iOS 7 wird laut Cook kommende Woche zusammen mit iTunes Radio erscheinen. Unerwähnt bleibt allerdings in der E-Mail, dass der Musik-Streaming-Dienst iTunes Radio vorerst nur in den USA verfügbar sein wird. Am Ende verweist er noch auf eine Q&A-Session mit Greg Joswiak im internen Unternehmensnetzwerk AppleWeb. Joswiak ist bei Apple für das Produkt-Marketing von iPhone, iPod und iOS verantwortlich und zeigt sich in der Q&A-Session von der intensiven Zusammenarbeit der Teams begeistert.

Tim Cook

Today is an important day for Apple. Many of you and your coworkers have been hard at work developing the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, which are the result of incredible collaboration between hardware and software which only Apple can deliver. In the weeks and months to come, especially as we approach the holidays, our Retail teams will help millions of customers experience these amazing products for the first time. We are also thrilled to be launching iOS 7 next Wednesday.

In addition to the stunning new user interface you saw previewed at WWDC, iOS 7 has been engineered with deep integration with both iPhone 5s and 5c including advanced 64-bit technologies in iPhone 5s. iOS 7 will ship with iTunes Radio, our free Internet radio service, and we are making our mobile iLife and iWork apps available as free downloads for anyone who buys a new iOS device so they can do amazing things with their photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

We made these announcements in Town Hall here in Cupertino this morning. It is a small venue which limits our ability to show the keynote live across campus and to other locations as we like to do. The event is now available to stream on, so I hope you will take time to watch it. We’ve also posted a Q&A with Greg Joswiak on AppleWeb about the new products and the work behind them. I hope you are as excited about the new iPhone lineup as I am. Our teams do an incredible job taking complex, cutting-edge technology and making it simple for our customers. That’s something everyone at Apple can be proud of.


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